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Explore Mainalo Mountain
EXPLORE MAINALON is a Greek action adventure company with an emphasis on eco-tourism and environmentally friendly trips in the amazing nature of Arcadia. EXPLORE MAINALON is located in Vitina Arcadia, a place of outstanding beauty due to its untouched mountain surroundings.

EXPLORE MAINALON’s goal is to offer customers a wide variety of outdoor adventures with ATV 4×4 and mountain bikes in the wild nature of the Mainalon pine tree forest.

Kalogris Organic Winery
The Winery nuns in the village Kapsia Mantineia at the foot of firs Mainalo and just a half hour from Athens, on the way to Vitina. It is one the CERTIFIED winery of Peloponnesus and unique so far in Mantineia, EOT. All areas are visited and of special interest. In the restored building of 1870 visitors a tour of the history of 147 years of family while learning the modern preoccupation with organic farming and natural wines. They can see up close the aging of wine in underground cellars, enjoy organic wines accompanied by pies and bread with molasses, olives, cheese etc.

The winery has been awarded by the international organization Travel & Hospitality Awards as the Best Winery of the Peloponnese and the Luxury Travel Guide as the Best winery in Greece.


Our guests speak about a beautiful sleep, complete relaxation and tranquility. After a weekly stay you will feel having reinvigorate your body and mind, leaving you stress-free, relaxed and, ultimately, beautiful inside and out.

It seems the location is blessed with positive energy and strong magnetic fields. We can arrange for you yoga lessons both beginners and advanced practitioners, enabling you to set your own pace and challenge yourself to reach the goal of a healthy body and mind.

Morning classes are active and invigorating, while evening classes are more restorative, relaxing and calming, making for one of the best yoga retreats.

The bicycle is the best way to enjoy the area. Lovers of two wheels will discover the beauty of Arcadia, its unique nature paths and indulge themself in great excitement.

From Vytina to Lousios river, off to Dimitsana and Megalopolis, all Arcadia is a great ride against the breeze. Also Tripoli has a good layout, is what you need for a relaxing bike ride for the whole family or for a group that knows how to enjoy life. Sunny weather and low humidity enable cyclists to enjoy Greece year round. With mountains and hills Arcadia is an excellent place for both mountain biking and moderate road biking.

The Menalon Ski Center operates for more than forty years.  Menalon Ski Center is the nearest ski center to Athens. It is recommended for families, as is a normal mountain, easily accessible, ideal for ski learning, but also for various snow sports.

Menalon Ski Center has a total of eight slopes.

The distance from our hotel is just 5 minutes away and we can arrange for you and your family lessons with experienced professionals.

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